Interview Questions to Find the Right Employees

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the monthly hiring turnover rate is about 3.5 percent. This means that business owners are involved in the interview process a little more often than they’d like to be. I’m sure you know from experience, the interview process can be extremely scripted and just about as useful as eeny meeny miney mo. In order to move past the insincere responses to a more candid discussion, you need to re-evaluate the questions you’re asking. Make the interview worth your time and the candidate’s time by throwing out the questions that have a “right” answer. If you want to hire great employees, start asking questions that help you get to know them as a person. Below are a few questions I think are great to ask during an interview.

  1. What is something you have done that you deeply regret? This question shows how much integrity the potential candidate has and if they are capable of being honest, even when it’s tough. It’s a question that catches them off guard and elicits a response that brings out what matters the most to them – something you’ll want to know. 
  1. What books are you currently reading? This question speaks to how curious a person is. You don’t want to hire stale employees. Therefore you need to make sure you’re hiring those that enjoy expanding their minds. Active readers are often curious individuals that have the tendency to learn and grow. This question can be awkward if the person isn’t currently reading anything, but phrasing it this way also give you the opportunity to see how honest they are.
  1. What was your major in college? Why did you choose it? Many people don’t end up pursuing the career path that their 20-something self pictured they would. It’s interesting to hear how they’ve developed as a person over the years and how it impacted their career choice. It’s important to look for candidates who see their career as a journey and who are intentional about their life decisions.
  1. What were the best six months you have spent working in your career? What were they like? This question reveals how suitable the candidate is for the job. It helps you determine what environment they work best in and what makes them tick. It’s not only in your best interest to make sure they match up with the job description, but it should also be a priority to make sure they will be a good fit in the office.

What are some of your best questions you ask during interviews? Comment below!

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