Achieving Ambitious Goals


As some of you may already know, our incredible Executive Vice President, Jason Lippman, completed the Leadville Trail 100 Run over the weekend for the fifth year in a row. This “Race Across The Sky” is a challenging 100-mile course through the Colorado Rockies, with elevations ranging from 9,200 to 12,600 feet.

With the odds against him –- in a race with a mere 45% finishing rate — Jason completed the run in under 25 hours, a record he’s kept for the last three years! Finishing this race was an enormous feat that could not have been accomplished without perseverance, determination and lots of training.


With these three values and strategies in mind, Jason’s experience can serve as a reminder for how both you and your company can achieve your goals, no matter how high-reaching they may feel:

Perseverance: Being persistent is essential when focusing on your goals, especially when times are tough. Even when your company is at its lowest point, never give up on working towards your goals. Look at it this way, if Jason can run 100 miles through the Colorado Rockies, your company should be inspired enough to handle anything! Keep persevering, and don’t let your failures get in the way of achieving your goals.

Determination: Whether you’re running a business or a 100-mile marathon, it’s always important to have a strong and clear purpose in mind. In Jason’s case, he was determined to finish the run in under 25 hours. He set his eye on the prize and made it happen. The same goes for your business. Do everything that you can to make your company goals come true. It may take some willpower (and endurance, in Jason’s case!), but stay determined and your goals will come to fruition.

Preparation: Both planning ahead and training your employees is a necessity when it comes to achieving your goals. Jason spent months preparing for the LT100 and could not have completed it without giving himself this kind of lead-time to properly train. You, too, need time to plan, strategize, and gain the necessary strength within your team to achieve your more ambitious goals. Do not discount this step.

With these three values in mind, your company will be on a sure path towards success. How will you unleash your company’s potential today?

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