Are CSA safety rules and regulations costing you money?

At our El Paso office last week, we invited clients and guests in the transportation industry to hear guest speaker Sam Johnson, a senior safety consultant from Parker Services, speak about the latest FMCSA/DOT safety rules and regulations and the benefits to staying in compliance.

Guests enjoyed a fajita lunch before the presentation started. 


Co-sponsored by ATIS Truck Insurance, the event was a great opportunity to catch up with our clients and meet guests in the trucking industry.

Brandon Richards of ATIS Truck Insurance and Lorena Bolivar of Far West Capital


The changing CSA regulations are a difficult thing to navigate but Sam Johnson was able to give us insight on them. Contact us for more information or explore the CSA website for information.


At the end of the event, we gave our guests some tokens of appreciation.


Thank you to everyone who attended! We hope it was a beneficial event that will help you improve your business.


If you have questions about how Far West Capital helps the trucking industry, check out our El Paso website.


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