The Gift that Keeps Giving!

They say entrepreneurs rarely take a true vacation but studies have shown that vacations are necessary to be successful in all aspects of life. We agree! Taking a vacation, even just a long weekend this holiday, can improve your work and personal life. Here are five reasons why you should consider taking some time this month.

Live Longer

In the Framingham Heart Study, more than 12,000 men at risk for heart disease were followed for nine years and they found the more frequent the vacations, the longer they lived. Vacations will also give you the opportunity to focus more time on your health and restful sleep.


Strengthen Personal Relationships

Taking a vacation and spending focused time on family will help strengthen your personal relationships. It’s easy to get wrapped up in work on a daily basis but a vacation will give your loved ones complete and needed attention.


Strengthen Your Leadership

To be a great leader, you must be focused, effective, and energized but the stress of running a business can sometimes cloud your judgment and creativity. Stepping away can give you fresh perspective and may even spark ideas because you’re in a new, positive space.



A vacation will help you re-align and re-charge by lowering your stress levels and increasing your happiness and energy levels. Re-charging will make you more positive and productive when you’re back in the office.



Get into the holiday spirit! You have much to celebrate – including the success of your company!


How do vacation breaks help you?

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