Are You a Good Multi-tasker?

Think you’re good at multi-tasking? Think again.

Research shows that only 2 percent of people can multi-task effectively. The rest of us are actually less productive than we think. In fact, when we multi-task, productivity falls off by 40 percent and IQs fall 10 points. Also, for those who use a computer for work, they are distracted once every 10.5 minutes and sitting at a desk causes 2.1 hours a day to be lost by interruptions or distractions.

How do you stop multi-tasking?


1. Set aside specific time.

Put tasks on your schedule. For example, you know on Thursday mornings from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m., you’ll be working on your business finances. It helps you push aside other tasks and keeps you accountable.


2. Shut down your email.

Whenever you start a daunting task, shut down your email so you don’t see the notifications pop up on your screen.


3. Focus your attention.

When you’re in a meeting, pay attention and listen to what people are saying. When you’re writing a document, get rid of all the distractions – email, conversations, social media, etc.  Ask staff or team members to give you an hour (or however much time you need) of silence to accomplish your task.


When we blogged about multi-tasking before, we said that not multi-tasking will decrease your stress and increase your patience, focus and productivity. What positive results do you see from not multi-tasking?

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