Keys to a Great First Impression

First impressions are important in building a relationship. The human brain automatically assesses a person within seconds of meeting a person, so it’s important to put your best foot forward. Here are four tips to help you make a great first impression.


Be Prepared

Know the agenda for the meeting. Do you need to bring anything?


Be Early

While networking events may have flexible times, aim to arrive a few minutes early to one-on-one meetings. Having a few minutes to compose yourself and think about your meeting intentions prepares you and your mind.


Be Engaged

Listen to the conversation. Be sensitive to your audience and use appropriate language. Use the person’s name in conversation to keep him/her engaged. Be as positive as possible. Nobody likes a conversation full of complaints!


Be Presentable

Your attire depends on the setting, but in all settings, look as professional and well kept as possible. Give a strong handshake. Smile. Watch your body language: make eye contact and think about your posture.


What tips would you recommend to make a great first impression?

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