Continuing Education for Professionals, Like You

Your industry is always evolving and to keep up with the changes, education is important. Enrich your curiosity and look for ways to get educated. Here are a couple of our suggestions.

1. Join an association
Professional organizations give you great resources. From conferences with insightful speakers, networking events, workshops and access to industry leaders, associations have a plethora of opportunities for you to learn. Take a look at our previous blog post about joining an association for more information.

2. Take classes
Your local colleges, business schools, and professional development organizations have continuing education programs that can help build your knowledge and expertise. I would recommend looking at entrepreneurship or leadership programs.

3. Learn from your peers
A great way to learn is from others in your industry. Having a strong network to turn to gives you the opportunity to share and generate innovative ideas that can build your business. Need help building your network? Here’s a refresher on networking.

4. Teach others what you know
Presenting others with what you have learned gives you the opportunity to review the information for your own understanding and to lead discussions that can spark new ideas or teach you something new. We’re looking forward to teaching our Austin RISE Week session next month and sharing alternatives for working capital. We hope you can attend or pass the information along to someone you know.

How do you stay educated and keep up with the changes in your industry?

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