Where to Find Industry News

As I talked about on Tuesday’s blog post, continuing education is important, no matter what industry you work in. Some good sources of education I mentioned were joining associations, taking classes, talking with your peers and teaching classes, but news sites and publications are also helpful and easy to find sources of information. Take a look at the following suggestions.

1. The Secured Lender
This is a publication published by the Commercial Finance Association and covers news from the asset-based financial services and factoring industries. It can be read in print or online.

2. ABF Journal
The ABF Journal is also a good source for asset-based lending and factoring news, including recent deals in the industry.

3. Commercial Factor
The International Factoring Association publishes this magazine quarterly and it includes relevant news, case studies, and best practice features.

4. The Good News Economist
This blog is a less gloom and more upbeat news source about the economy.

5. Inc.
Inc. is a good source for business news and advice. There are always helpful and relevant articles that can help you.

Where do you go for news about the industry?

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