Entrepreneurial Hero: Allison Schickel

The idea for Allison Schickel’s “The Brobe” came 10 years ago when her friend was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It was during this time that she became aware of the struggles that women living with the disease face during their sickness, including a lack of functional, comfortable and flattering undergarments to wear after post-operative surgery. With these women in mind, and a desire to make a positive change, Allison left corporate America and decided to take matters into her own hands.

Enter the Recovery Brobe, a “bra within a robe,” designed specifically for women with breast cancer. The Brobe, which is the first undergarment of its kind, offers a variety of unique features tailored to meet the needs of women going through recovery, including pockets for ice packs, drains or prosthetic breasts and ¾ sleeves designed for comfort during chemotherapy.

Allison took the concept to market in 2012, and it has since caught on like wildfire. The Brobe is now sold in multiple hospitals throughout America and Europe and has expanded its product line to serve new moms (Mommy Brobe) and women who’ve had reconstructive surgery. The product’s versatility has not gone unnoticed, either. In 2012, the Brobe won the Dallas Market Center’s  “Next Big Thing” contest, and in 2013, it received a “Best Of” award from The Austin Chronicle.

However, as all entrepreneurs will understand, the success of the Brobe has not been without challenges. Jumping from a sales background into entrepreneurship has meant a lot of trial and error learning for Allison. Thankfully, she’s been savvy in surrounding herself with keen industry minds, creating an amazing community of support around herself and her business.

With a leader like Allison, we have no doubt the Brobe will continue to prosper and thrive towards its goal of being found in at least 100 hospitals. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this one-of-a-kind product!

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