The Importance of Positivity

Since childhood, we’ve been told that it’s important to be good-natured. The reason seems obvious enough: it’s helpful when making friends, it shows respect, and it’s the right thing to do –- honestly, the list goes on and on. Often overlooked, however, is what likeability means in a business sense.  Giving off positive energy not only serves you well in your personal life, but it can also help you professionally. Here are a few reasons why:

You Get What You Give
In the business world, kindness goes a long way. In fact, it’s necessary. When dealing with clients and colleagues, the only way to produce mutually beneficial relationships is through respect, which, ultimately, begins with positivity.  At the end of the day, people enjoy being around people they like, and this will lead to long-term partnerships down the road.

It Helps You, Too
In addition to relationship development, maintaining a positive attitude is critical when it comes to stress management. Approaching situations with a positive attitude instead of a negative one will give you the clear peace of mind needed to tackle assignments with efficiency, and enable you to produce high quality work that’s free of distractions that often accompany frustration and negativity.

A Simple Way To Establish Leadership
As mentioned above, positive people are well-liked and respected in the workplace. Employees and employers are drawn to them for their likeability, which often means turning to them for consultation on business decisions.  That’s right – no matter what your position on the company totem pole, exuding a positive attitude will establish you as a natural leader. While this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be replacing the CEO, you will establish a level of trust among colleagues that makes your opinion valued.

Positivity in the workplace is one of the most effective (and least talked-about) tools out there. So, before you head to the office tomorrow, don’t forget to pack a positive attitude along with your lunch and laptop. You may be surprised at the effect it will have.

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