Entrepreneurial Hero: Finding Solutions

Caitlin Ritt is a fantastic example of an entrepreneur who saw a need and sought out to create a business that solves a problem. She is the founder of The Lotus Method, a fitness studio in San Francisco that focuses on fitness methods designed for pregnant women and new mothers. It was after a long career as a professional ballet dancer that Caitlin left the stage due to injuries to start a career as a fitness instructor. Her goal was to work with dancers, but she quickly learned that things don’t always go according to plan. Aha!

Excited to embark on her new career of helping dancers with injuries find their way back to the stage, Caitlin discovered something very wrong. After working with her first pregnant client, she realized the fitness world lacked knowledge on how to combine fitness with pregnancy. Pregnant women and new mothers simply shouldn’t be practicing the same fitness techniques as everyone else in the gym. It’s difficult for a body that has gone through pregnancy and childbirth to get back to a regular workout routine. As a pre/postnatal exercise expert, Caitlin’s studio focuses on teaching women how to exercise in a way that is healthy for them and their baby. When women train at The Lotus Method, they work one-on-one with an expert who designs a workout that specifically meets their needs and aims to eliminate their aches and pains.

When Caitlin started her career as a fitness instructor, she had no clue she would end up being an entrepreneur. The opportunity to help pregnant women workout properly fell in her lap, and she took off running. Caitlin has done awesome things for women, and I look forward to hearing about her future success.

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