The Importance of Business Cards

Business cards have been around since the 17th century when they were used to announce the arrival of prosperous or aristocratic people to homes and towns. They were similar in size and shape and were used for the exact same reason – to spread the word about who a person is and what they do. Fast-forward to today, and people are questioning whether business cards should even exist anymore. Everything we do in business nowadays has become digital, but the business card is one thing that digital should never replace. Here are four benefits of utilizing business cards:

  1. Personal Marketing Tool – Networking should be personal, and business cards play a big part in keeping it that way. Sending your contact and business information via text to a person you’re standing right in front of is a poor strategy. Make it a point to look them in the eye and engage in conversation while passing them your card. Most importantly, don’t forget to ask for theirs in return. This allows you to follow up and connect a few days later.
  1. Easily Shared – Whether you’re tacking a business card on a bulletin board outside a restaurant or handing them to a potential client after a meeting, there’s a good chance it will end up in the hands of a potential prospect. It’s important to note that if you hand out creative and unconventional business cards, you will stand out and more likely stay top of mind.
  1. Professional and Casual – We all know business cards are perfect for passing out in the business world, but what about a more casual environment? You never know when you’ll meet a potential client or someone who knows someone else who could benefit from your services. My advice is to carry business cards with you everywhere and constantly be looking for opportunities to give them away.
  1. Shows You’re Prepared – If you met someone digging for a pen and trying to spot the nearest napkin, would you want to do business with them? Probably not. Carrying business cards in your wallet shows you are prepared. Don’t risk creating a bad reputation by being unprepared and empty-handed.

What are your strategies for utilizing business cards? Leave us a comment below.

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