Entrepreneurial Spotlight: Taking a Leap of Faith

When an entrepreneur attempts to implement an innovative idea that has never been tried before, the process can be pretty daunting. But once you take that leap of faith, it can also be such a rewarding experience to see your company come to life. Andy Potter, the owner of Austin Eats Food Tours, is one of those entrepreneurs.

Andy and his wife, Lindsey, were on a food tour in Los Angeles when the idea hit them – why doesn’t Austin offer a tour like this? Austin is such a unique city with that “mom and pop” vibe and has so many delicious local eats around town, so why not start a food tour that recognizes the great qualities this city has to offer? With corporate backgrounds and full time jobs at Dell, Andy and Lindsey began analyzing the L.A. food tour to determine how they could create a similar idea in Austin. A few days later, the business plan for Austin Eats Food Tours was created (on the back of a bar napkin, nonetheless!). They took their love for Austin and their passion for hospitality to create the ultimate idea, and suddenly, Austin Eats Food Tours was officially born.

The company hosts an average of five tours a week, each lasting about three hours and takes customers to 6-7 local eateries. From chef inspired dishes to juicy burgers, these tours don’t just take you to average restaurants – Andy has partnerships with 75 restaurants and food trucks that are highly rated and well received in the city. He’s a big believer in supporting local eateries, so you won’t find any national restaurant chains on this tour.

Not only do these tours give customers the chance to experience “quintessential Austin,” they also provide a prime opportunity for restaurant and food truck owners to get in front of customers. 65% of the tour guests actually live in the Austin area, so the tours are a chance to help restaurants gain exposure, not to be a burden or to cause competition. After all, customers are paying Austin Eats Food Tours for the experience of discovering great places to eat around town.

Andy’s mission is simple – “We want to feed you well and leave you delighted.” We love his passion for hospitality and his drive to make people happy. Here at Far West Capital, we’re all about helping others discover their passions. We can help you turn your ideas into a reality, just as Andy did for his company. We’re excited to see how Austin Eats Food Tours will grow and hope their story will inspire you to take the leap of faith.

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  • Steve Collins

    Great story and congratulations to Andy and Lindsey!

    Andy, if you read this, we might need to have a chat. I am an Aussie based in Phoenix and you might be interested in what I am doing in the local “food industry” (Pam McConlogue, FarWest Capital in Phoenix, sends me this newsletter).

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