Entrepreneurial Heroes: Cuteheads

Esther Freedman always knew she wanted to start her own business one day. So, when she came up with a wacky idea for a unique children’s clothing brand, she quit her job as a marketing and PR specialist and followed her entrepreneurial dreams. After taking the time to write out a strong and sturdy business plan, Cuteheads was born.

Esther saw a need and went after it. Watching parents struggle to get their children dressed in the morning, she realized the solution was simple – giving kids a reason to actually want to put on their clothes. She did this with the development of three different cartoon characters that are featured on all of her clothing, which Esther calls “animals with an edge.” Instead of putting up a fight, little kiddos everywhere now ask, “Mommy, can I please wear my doggie shirt today?” And parents are thrilled because the clothes are cute, their child is dressed, and best of all – they’ve lost the stress.

The road to success wasn’t always easy. Esther says her biggest obstacle was overcoming the challenges of wearing so many different hats. With a background in marketing, textile manufacturing was a completely new world for her. She had to single-handedly figure out how to get the clothes produced and moving all on her lonesome. And she succeeded, now with a new accessories line launching in the coming months. According to Esther, “learning as you go is the mantra to live by.”

Esther also believes in having lofty goals. Her ultimate vision for Cuteheads is to transform it into a licensing company with long-term dreams of having the characters on backpacks, lunchboxes, school supplies, and maybe even in the form of its own cartoon one day.

We look forward to continuing to watch Esther unleash her entrepreneurial potential.

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  • Katie

    LOVE this clothing line and love watching Esther dive into a completely new vertical. Great post!

    • Cole

      Thanks, Katie. We’re always encouraged by entrepreneurs who are busy trying new ventures. Glad we could inspire you too!

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