4 Characteristics of Leading Via Example

One of the best ways that you can nurture and grow your team is to lead by example. Here are a few things to think about as you lead your team today:

Live out your company values
Find different ways to live out your core values with your team. The more they see how important these values are to you, the more likely they will follow suit and live out these values as well. For example, one of our core values is Transparency. We live this out everyday by keeping our doors wide open and candidly discussing the goals of the company. Our leadership team also lives out our core value of Team every day by supporting each of our employee’s personal initiatives, celebrating their wins, involving them in certain company decisions, and conducting quarterly group outings where a team member is honored with a Core Values award. We’ve seen first hand how effective these practices can be to get the rest of the team on board with our vision and value system. 

Always encourage
Let’s face it – being a business owner is not a piece of cake. There are some mornings that are simply hard to get out of bed, get in the game and get to work. Especially when you’re balancing kids, relationships, personal care, you name it. But no matter how tired or defeated you may feel, it’s your job to get in there, root on the team and keep morale high. So, make a point to find a way – big or small—each and every day to encourage your team members. This will help them stay focused on your end goals and that positive energy will inevitably be absorbed and carried forth through team loyalty and productivity. 

Develop trust
Have an open door policy that enables your team to be just as much part of the decision-making as you are. In football terms, make your third string players feel as powerful as your starting line. When everyone feels they are on the same page, a sense of trust will be established within your team, making it stronger than ever.

Show that you care
Show how invested you are in your team by building personal relationships with them and breaking that employer/employee wall. Ask about their family, learn about their passions, and care for them by truly knowing them. In doing this, you will inevitably inspire your team members to do the same for each other, fostering a courteous, respectful and collaborative work environment. 

A good leader understands that leadership is not about having the most power or the biggest executive office – it’s about helping others by offering advice and leading by example. At Far West Capital, we encourage all of our team members to do the same.

How do you lead by example for your employees?

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