Unleash Your Giving Potential: Grameen America

Unleashing Giving Potential

Last month, Bill Gates sat down with AEI President, Arthur Brooks, for an eye-opening discussion on how free enterprise can be used to fight global poverty. Among several claims made, Gates stated that no country will be considered poor by 2035 and that capitalism will play a critical role in this.

Similar to Mr. Gates, we’re firm believers that business can be used to improve global economic conditions. This is exactly why this year we’re partnering with Grameen America to help finance female entrepreneurs in low-income communities throughout Austin.

For those unfamiliar, Grameen America is dedicated to encouraging women who live in poverty to build small businesses to better their lives. By offering financial services and training programs, the organization has been instrumental in transforming communities across the United States.

With a large impact already made in U.S. cities since being founded in 2008, they recently launched a micro-lending branch for women here in Austin. We are thrilled to not only see the business impact that their presence will have on our city but also to have the opportunity to help create even more entrepreneurial success stories through our partnership with them. For more about Grameen and our entrepreneurial success stories, check out our other blog posts on the subject.

We are excited to help unleash the potential of those in our community, so stay tuned for more information as we begin this endeavor!

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