Entrepreneurial Spotlight: The Power of Giving Back

Pure Action

We like to talk about the importance of unleashing your potential. This usually pertains to the future entrepreneur who develops a brilliant idea and goes after it by chasing his or her dreams. Today, we thought we’d highlight a different type of unleashed potential—the unleashed “give back” potential that Pure Action, Inc. has captured through the power of yoga.

After our recent post about the healing power of mindfulness meditation, many of you discovered that yoga is very important to me. It gives me the serenity I need to operate a successful business and to have a balanced personal life. After discovering Pure Action, I was so passionate about their cause that I decided to join as chairman of their board. Their mission is very important to me, and the organization is a prime example of how to unleash your “give back” potential to help others.

According to its website, Pure Action is “a nonprofit organization bringing the ancient benefits of yoga to mainstream medicine through research and education.” As true advocates of the healing power of yoga, Pure Action instructors give back to the community by teaching 10 classes off-site each week at various recovery centers and assisted living homes. In addition to helping those in need with free classes, Pure Action concentrates their efforts on funding research studies that tout the beneficial effects yoga has on physical and mental health in various populations, including under-served communities. The third pillar of their organization focuses on educating groups and individuals on the therapeutic properties of yoga, through lectures, presentations and demonstrations.

With the ultimate goal of helping others unleash their health potential, Pure Action is unleashing their “give back” potential through research, community and education.

How do you unleash your potential to give back?

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