Entrepreneurs’ Biggest Concerns and Crucial Relationships

U.S. Bank recently conducted its Annual Small Business Survey to obtain small business owners’ views on the economy and work environment. The survey found the biggest concerns/challenges include:

  • Economic uncertainty
  • Poor sales
  • Healthcare reform (this will be a hot topic this election year)


The survey also shared responses about the expectations of their bank. Most small business owners expect banks to help manage financial transactions and to know them and their businesses individually, adjusting to their needs and making more money available.


It is surprising to us this close relationship between financial company and entrepreneur needs to be addressed. Financial companies, such as banks, factoring companies, etc.  are an important part of helping a company grow, and it is necessary for the financial company to guide business owners to their best option for growth. That’s why working with entrepreneurs who have been in your shoes is beneficial – they recognize your concerns and know the relationships you need to succeed. At Far West Capital, we give you what you deserve. If you have questions or concerns, let us know!


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