The Beginning of an Entrepreneur’s Journey

Sometimes, becoming an entrepreneur is by chance or an unexpected opportunity. The e-commerce company Beecology, which sells 15 products made from honey, beeswax and antioxidant-rich propolis (produced by bees), began when the Rzepka couple inherited beehives after the friend who had asked them to babysit them for a while couldn’t take care of them anymore. The couple decided to learn all they could about beekeeping and began collecting honey and beeswax and experimenting with possible products. Eventually, they came up with products friends and family couldn’t stop using, so they expanded it into a business.


Since we work with many entrepreneurs, it’s fun to hear their stories about how they began, grew and became the successes they are today. Businesses are created because of an entrepreneur’s choice to take advantage of an opportunity, the choice to follow a passion, or like us, to provide better service and more options. Working with entrepreneurs is an energizing and inspiring part of our company, especially since many of us have been in the start-up stage before.


Being an entrepreneur involves sweat, blood, tears and a whole lot of determination and persistence. It took the Rzepka’s 110 tries to get their lotion product right and it takes them $15,000–$20,000 to develop a new product. Entrepreneurs wanting to build their business need to find working capital and resources – organizations or mentors – that can help get them where they dream of being in the future. If you ever need advice or funding, let us know how we can help.


How did you become an entrepreneur?

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