Entrepreneur’s Guide to Stress Management

As an entrepreneur, your life consists of wearing more hats than the average person can count on two hands. You are leading boardroom meetings, attending conferences, and managing projects. To the professional world, you are a calm, cool, and collected leader, but inside your stress level may be overflowing. Here are a few tips for managing your stress.

Give yourself a break.

You have a million deadlines and your life works on a schedule, but find time to let your mind reset. Even if it means scheduling a few minutes on your calendar every day, do it. Go outside, breathe in fresh air, and rest your mind.



You put in many hours and brainpower during the day, and coffee does not always keep you alert. Your body needs sleep and your mind needs to rest. New ideas and more energy come from a well-rested mind.


Be positive.

Failure is not falling down; failure is falling and not getting up. When obstacles arise and plans don’t go your way, don’t dwell on the past but focus on finding a solution. Smile and move forward.


Get up.

In many jobs, a good amount of the workday consists of sitting in an office chair. Take time to exercise and get active. You can walk around the neighborhood, power-walk through the office, or play a sport – just get your body moving.


Let it out.

Whether it’s confiding in your significant other or writing it down in a journal, process your feelings. Keeping your stress internal will cause it to build up, which is unhealthy. Release your stress by letting it out.


Regardless of the obstacles thrown at you, circle back and focus on keeping yourself calm and managing your stress. Don’t let your business or your employees suffer because of it.


What do you do to manage your stress?


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