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Who is Far West Capital? Our new tell-all video will show you what goes on at our office and what our team is all about. But whatever you do, we do not want you to watch our blooper reel.

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Can people make their own decisions about the beverages they consume? We’re calling out New York City Mayor Bloomberg’s recent proposal of a ban on sugary drinks of more than 16 fluid ounces as ‘nanny state’ intrusion.  Bloomberg argues the ban is similar to the smoking ban (controversial at first) and says it is an effort to reduce obesity and chronic disease such as diabetes. If the government could regulate this, what is next?



What summer tunes are we listening to at Far West Capital? Here’s your chance to win a $50 iTunes gift card and check out the songs we have on repeat. Enter our new contest to win and download some of our favorites!



You may know we are fans of the PURE Bikram Yoga studio in Austin, but do you know about PURE Action, Inc., a nonprofit organization focused on bringing the benefits of yoga to mainstream medicine through research and education? Obesity, diabetes, and heart disease contribute to an annual $2.5 trillion dollar industry, and PURE Action has set out to make a positive impact on our country’s health crisis. Yoga is said to give the whole body physiological, psychological and biochemical benefits, and through their community programs, research, and fundraisers, PURE Action wants to share and prove these health and healing benefits of yoga. Interested? Check out their website for more information.



We were recently on a trip in Argentina. This country is now basically one step above a despotic regime. Recently the country has taken over the largest foreign oil company, which has all but stifled new foreign investment. When we were leaving the country, we could not even exchange their currency at the National Bank or at the exchange houses because of government intervention. The black market for exchanging their currency for dollars is a scary 30% premium over stated rates.  When “the people” sit back and wait on others to take care of them, this is what happens and it will only get uglier for them the more they are “protected” by the government. That all being said, the wing-shooting there is awesome.



Is President Obama on a spending binge or isn’t he? Rex Nutting of MarketWatch.com wrote a column that claimed “Obama spending binge never happened” that was later referenced by the White House Press Secretary and Obama himself. Nutting explained that during Obama’s tenure, federal spending had an annual increase of just 0.4 percent, which would be the lowest spending increase of any president since Dwight Eisenhower. However, there are many issues and incorrect calculations by Nutting’s claim, including the fact that he lumped most of 2009’s federal budget on George W. Bush and didn’t account for Obama’s continuous spending. Take a look at the in-depth analysis here.



Our superstar runner is at it again! Far West Capital VP Jason Lippman is currently training for his third Leadville Trail 100 in August. Jason is leading Team Ultra again, and we’re excited to hear how they do. We’ll keep you all updated about his training and race!



Oooo-waaaah! Watch out for the interrupting Jungle Bird! A man snuck past security at the U.S. Open trophy ceremony and in Kanye West fashion, interrupted winner Webb Simpson’s victory speech with a bird call. The environmentalist Englishman has since gone on many interviews admitting he was trying to send a message about deforestation. A nutbag for sure.



“Does this house, apartment, or mobile home have a flush toilet?” Many people have questioned the importance and value of the questions posed by the American Community Survey of the census. The clincher is people can actually get fined for refusing to answer. Thanks to a bill introduced by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and Texas Representative Ted Poe, Americans will have the choice to fill out certain questions on the survey if it passes. Thanks for protecting our privacy rights from the government!



What happens in Vegas hopefully doesn’t stay in Vegas. We are co-leading a Credit & Underwriting Training class next month with the International Finance Association (IFA). Professionals in the factoring industry will learn about critical elements about underwriting and analyzing client and debtor credit. If you’re in Vegas, take a gamble and drop by.



Call me maybe? That’s the phrase people can’t get out of their heads recently. Over two million videos of fans lip-syncing, dancing, or having something to do with the catchy pop song “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen have been made. Our favorite video is, without a doubt, the one created by the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders. You can expect our version of the “Call Me Maybe” video to be relatively similar to this one. We’re auditioning cheerleaders now, and the release date is to be announced.



Far West Capital is hosting a really cool and unique (toot toot – that’s us blowing our own horn) event in September. Finding a location to hold 200 in Austin was a little challenging, but we found the perfect location – Camp Mabry! Camp Mabry is the third-oldest active military installation in Texas, and for many years, was a popular place for athletes to exercise. After the September 11th events, Camp Mabry was closed to the public for security reasons, but it is now open to the community again. Their mile-long track is a popular place for runners and their grounds have begun hosting more events, such as the Austin Fit Magazine Fittest competition earlier this month. Also, the Texas Military Forces Museum is a great place to learn about military history and an opportunity to view military artifacts such as tanks, aircrafts and more. We encourage you to support our troops and community by taking a visit.



What do you do when you’re in the middle of a midlife crisis? If you’re E.L. James, you write a Twilight fan fiction erotica novel called Fifty Shades of Grey. The British mom of two teenage sons admits she’s not a great writer, but that hasn’t stopped her book from selling 2 billion copies in a month. If you’re not familiar with the book, Saturday Night Live did a risqué and funny skit about the book.



Austin is an entrepreneur-filled city, and there are many resources available to help entrepreneurs grow their business. We are members and big advocates of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), which provides educational and networking events and programs to connect entrepreneurs in the city and provides the knowledge to help them take their business to the next level. Accelerator, an EO program, helps groom budding entrepreneurs to become a member of EO, and we’re proud to be chairing this program. We host monthly dinners for existing and potential Accelerator participants to get together at Carmelo’s on Thursday, July 19 at 6:30 p.m. If you’re interested, please contact dawn @ wellingtongrouppr.com for more information. Have questions? Let us know!

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