Why Bonding and Rapport Makes All The Difference

Bonding and rapport is indispensable when starting and continuing a cooperative and mutually beneficial relationship. When we enter a relationship with a new client or contact, it’s important to establish trust. This is especially valuable in our industry where what we do – analyzing a company’s financials, providing working capital and contacting their customers – can be a sensitive role. Our clients must trust us because we are not only investing in their business but also their dreams, hard work, and how they provide for their families and the families of their employees.


Most people make decisions for emotional reasons rather than intellectual reasons, and what guides emotions are feelings. That’s why the way people feel around you is important. People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. This is the experience we aim to achieve for our clients when they are interacting with our team, and what we want our team members to feel when we interact with each other. We want to build solid relationships, a positive environment and a supportive team with our clients and our employees.


What can you do? Keep yourself and your team accountable. When you interact with your clients and contacts, how do you want them to feel? Is your team acting and responding with empathy? Are you putting yourself in their shoes and addressing their concerns and feelings?


At Far West Capital, we believe people deserve the best of what we have to offer. When we act and treat every person we contact with respect, professionalism, kindness, and empathy, it helps build a positive relationship that is productive and mutually beneficial. It also helps us do our best work and provides our clients excellent service. It all starts with bonding and rapport.


How do you bond and build rapport?

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