Five Olympian Traits

The London 2012 Summer Olympics are quickly approaching. World competitions in every sport happen yearly, but the Olympics is a global stage. Fans around the world gather to cheer for their country and favorite athletes. They are also cheering for all the athletes to do their very best! Inspired by the Olympics, here are five traits we see in Olympic athletes that can help us excel in life.

1. Self-discipline

Their parents and coaches can only get them so far. Athletes must have self-discipline, motivation, and work hard to keep improving and succeeding to the next level.


2. Determination

Many of these athletes have incredible stories. Some have been training in their sport since they were able to walk. Some have endured injuries. All have endured self-doubt. But their determination, despite all the adversities in their lives, has gotten them to this global stage.


3. Focus

It’s stressful and challenging enough performing in the sport, but think about having to do it in front of an audience of millions and only having one chance to succeed. That takes strong focus. We can only imagine the millions of thoughts running through their minds before they step up to the diving board or walk onto the field. Yet, the focus must be unwavering.


4. Sportsmanship

How does an athlete treat their teammates and competitors? How do they react when they win or lose? Respect for their competitors and themselves during the competition show a lot about these athletes.


5. Confidence

You can have all of these traits and the strongest skills, but it takes a foundation of confidence to follow it through. Confidence is where heart and self-belief come together. Truly believing that they possess the skills and ability to succeed is half the battle.


How strong are your Olympian traits? Who are you rooting for at this year’s Olympic Games?


Olympic trials are currently in session and the U.S. teams are quickly solidifying. The 2012 Summer Olympics will kick off July 27 and end August 12, 2012.

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