To Compete, They Needed Factoring- To Grow, They Needed Far West Capital

Say you run a world-class cloud computing consultancy with global reach, competitive rates, a roster of pleased clients and tremendous growth. What could possibly be holding you back?

For Nubelity, a firm that serves Fortune 500 companies, it’s the ability to attract top talent.

These days, “big firms are looking for the same talent we are,” says Nubelity’s managing director, Miguel. “Competing for the best talent is a unique challenge.”

So when Miguel and his partner Francisco came to Far West Capital looking for a way to smooth out their cash flow and ensure they could always pay for that talent, they knew they needed money.

But they didn’t realize they were getting much more than just money.

Step 1: Seize the moment

Miguel and Francisco have deep experience in building IT infrastructure for large companies in Latin America and the United States. In 2009, cloud computing started gaining buzz. “But,” says Miguel, “the market was not mature, and neither were the solutions.”

They waited for the solutions to get better, biding their time in Fortune 500 companies, watching as more and more companies saw the potential of the cloud. They had the experience; they knew the pitfalls facing them from the inside.

Two years ago, the partners decided the time was right to begin a cloud consultancy for the same kinds of Fortune 500 companies they once worked within. Their company would take a fresh approach: completely agnostic and customized solutions, based on each company’s unique needs. “We don’t sell or resell products. A lot of consultancies will specialize in one solution. They’ll push for and resell it. We don’t do that. We focus on what’s best for each client,” Miguel says.

With decades of experience in infrastructure IT and business consulting, the company can assess and understand their client’s infrastructure and present custom cloud solutions based on different business scenarios. Once they’ve customized the right solution, they save their clients time and money by automating migration. And because they are a global company with offices in Singapore, India, Mexico, and the U.S., they can keep their rates competitive.

“Thanks to our agnostic approach and a diverse pool of talent, we make custom solutions feasible in terms of return on investments and total cost to owners,” says Miguel.

Step 2: Figure out how to solve your biggest problem

Nubelity’s growth, Miguel says, has been “insane.” With more and more clients coming in, the demands on the partners time and energy seemed endless. One thing kept leading to another,” says Miguel. “It’s like if you want to make a salad. You go to the store for some olive oil, then realize you need lettuce and croutons and so on.”

The main ingredient for Nubelity’s success is employing the right people. However, Miguel says, a growing company can only unlock its potential if resources are invested at the right time. Not later, not earlier.

“Starting a business is rough. I didn’t need more complications,” Miguel says ruefully, echoing entrepreneurs everywhere.

Miguel had heard of Cole and Far West Capital through the Austin tech startup community. “Cole has a very good reputation in the community. So does Far West Capital.”

Plus, says Miguel, as businesspeople who give back by working with socially responsible companies and supporting scholarships for IT certification through their international offices, they were attracted by Far West Capital’s “Far Reaching” commitment to social impact.

“We had other options, but we wanted a company where people care about their local community. We share those values, and that’s why I reached out to them.”

Now that Nubelity is working with Far West Capital, their cash flow is more consistent, which means they’re a competitive employer. As Miguel says:

The best people command top dollar. You don’t want the milk; you want the cream. Now we’re able to get the very best.

Miguel (4th from left), Francisco (3rd from right) with some of their team.

Step 3: Let yourself rely on good people

An added benefit, says Miguel, is that Far West Capital has been so easy to work with, quick, and consistent.

“You get a single point of contact, which helps a lot. You don’t have to go looking for answers,” he says. Even the onboarding process was easy. “I didn’t need to figure out paperwork myself or get stuck because I was supposed to send something in and no one told me. We sat there comfortably over a couple espressos and did it together. They explained documents and walked us through everything.”

And Far West Capital’s speed and simplicity has allowed Nubelity to focus on their business.

“I went to them for a factoring company, but I also got a partner that I can rely on. They make it easier for us to work and do what what we do best.”

Ready to unleash the potential of your business? Contact us, and let’s talk about what we can do to help.

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