GOP Presidential Candidates Take on Small-Business and Self-Employed

Here’s a link to a very interesting YouTube channel made by Mark Dunau. Dunau has been a farmer in New York for twenty-one years and has been championing the cause of the self-employed for nearly as long. In his blog he writes:

“There are over 23 million self-employed Americans. They account for nearly three-quarters of American business, with over a trillion dollars in receipts. The labors of the self-employed are as old as agriculture, and as new as computer programming. The self-employed cut across political party, age, sex, education, religion, creed, and geography. They are the backbone of rural and many local urban economies.”

Mark traveled to the ‘Live Free or Die’ state, a few days before the nation’s first primary, challenging GOP presidential candidates to take on the cause of small-businesses and the self-employed head-on.

One candidate vowed to do more research on the tax conditions of the self-employed—too bad he’s no longer in the race. Another candidate chose to focus on Thomas Jefferson’s crackdown on marijuana (we were confused, too). But just as he was about to pack up and head back to New York, Mark found one candidate with answers so sincere, he could bet the farm on ‘em.

What issues are you focusing on when you cast your presidential vote this November?

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