How to Make Your Technology Count

Today it is unlikely that any business can survive without the extensive use of technology. Applications like Quickbooks and Apple iCal make it easier to keep track of transactions and events vital to maintaining your business. But as Shakespeare once said, too much of a good thing can bring disaster. With the vast array of technological tools available, it is easy to get bogged down in applications and programs that don’t fit your business needs. Here are a few ways to make your technology count:

  • Storing contact information on email servers like Microsoft Outlook can create incompatibility issues, especially if an employee attempts to share contacts with another using a different email client. Opt to move all of your company’s contact information into a single database allowing employees to seamlessly update and share information from wherever they are. Some databases are now even accessible on mobile devices.
  • Email can take up a ton of time you don’t have each day. The key is to find an email management strategy that works for you. If you are not quite ready to sign off on TED Curator Chris Anderon’s Email Charter just yet, then set your email server to automatically prioritize your incoming mail. Configure mail settings to mark incoming emails, with symbols or colors, from important senders or emails containing specific keywords.  Answer these high-priority messages immediately, or sort them into folders, broadly labeled according to project or subject, to be addressed later when you have had time to find answers.
  • Speaking of email, Social Media sites are notorious for sending you lots of email notifications that can clog your inbox. Try creating a separate email account to receive and track updates from your favorite sites. Make a habit of only checking these notifications at one predetermined time during the day.

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