“Green” Beef & Ham?

No, this isn’t related to a Dr. Seuss story. It’s an innovation in food technology that could be the key to sustainability amidst growing global demand for protein. Say hello to “cultured beef.” Harvested from cow muscle cells and grown in a lab, scientists have created a biologically-equivalent and eco-friendly meat source. Not only does this lab-grown source supplement limited livestock supplies, it reduces the amount of methane, a greenhouse gas significantly more potent than carbon dioxide, emitted as part of the animals’ digestive process. 

Science isn’t just innovating your steak. It’s changing the future of consumables. “The Drinking Book” is a text that doubles as a water filter and educational tool. One page of the book can provide 100 liters of clean water, which has a huge impact for communities without access to get clean and sanitary water. Pretty awesome.

We applaud the innovators behind these new technologies. Through science and dedication, they developed sustainable solutions for life’s basic needs: food and water.

Read more: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/270129

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