Grow Big Always: Ambiguity

In a new podcast series, Grow Big Always, we enjoyed hearing the shockingly candid, refreshingly blunt and thought-provoking stories of diverse leaders, entrepreneurs and very real, sometimes weird, people. Fair warning: This is not your average podcast. Hosted by Sam Lawrence, a self-proclaimed start-up veteran and investor, this show challenges what we commonly think of transformations and the different journeys and challenges we face to achieve meaningful changes.

In the most recent episode, Lawrence explores the raw side of personal and professional growth. We want to implement change and are actively trying to make it meaningful, but many can give up in the transition. It’s the tough and uncomfortable side that isn’t always talked about, but instrumental to success. It means embracing ambiguity and casting off our old self. So if you’re getting ready to remodel yourself this year or have any big transitions ahead, we recommend starting with the latest episode.


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