Young Faces of Entrepreneurialism: GenZ Millionaires

With some not quite old enough to drive and most still in school, Gen Z is blowing us away with their already incredible stories of success and entrepreneurial drive. Nick D’Aloisio taught himself to code at age 12, created news app Summly by age 15 and later sold it to Yahoo for $30 million in 2013—not a bad first job experience. Equally as successful are Maya Van Wagenen, who landed a film deal at DreamWorks at 15, and 18-year-old Beth Reekles who scored a three-book contract with Random House. They’re inspiring, they’re influential and they haven’t even graduated school.

As we started to explore in our iGen insights, we expect great things ahead for this generation who grew up with Google at their fingertips. This instant access to information, tools and resources like never before paired with their youthful curiosity will continue to propel them forward.

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