For the last few years, Millennials have been the generation changing everything, from employment to shopping and everything in between. In our two-part series on Millennials, we discussed their impact in the workplace and their expectations. But now a new generation has emerged that is determined to prove that Millennials are, well, old.

Meet iGen. Also known as Gen Z or Centennials, this is a generation that will soon be the next wave of business owners, entrepreneurs and coworkers. Through a brand new, viral TEDx talk by our friend Jason Dorsey, we now have some insight into this emerging generation. Here are a few of the insights Dorsey shares:

  • iGen is so diverse they don’t see diversity until it’s absent.
  • iGen thinks the Jetsons is about the past. This new generation has always been able to see who they were talking to using FaceTime or Skype.
  • Millennials are splitting into two different groups as they age. This split will have a profound impact on how they parent, vote and retire

We recommend checking out Dorsey’s viral TEDx video as he shares unexpected (and funny) insights about this emerging generation and a powerful closing story about his iGen daughter. As iGen continues to age and enter the workforce, we are excited to see how they will shape our culture and the new ideas they will bring.

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