Splacer: Finding Better Off-sites

From buying a house to planning a vacation to booking an offsite or other company retreat, location is key. Our surroundings significantly impact how we feel, interact and collaborate. The right space has the power to help us focus, dig deep and get things done. This is why a new sharing-economy startup caught our eye. Splacer, think AirBnB of event spaces, is bridging the gap between personal and professional options in a fun and sustainable way.

Splacer stands apart by handpicking the most creative and unique spaces specifically for professional use. From meetings and events to parties and pop-up shops, their curated strategy and professional audience fills an unmet need and builds long-term customers. Imagine having a company retreat in a geodesic dome outside – or renting out the ACME photo studio and prop rental house for company outings? Pretty badass. And while customers like us get to an incredible meeting experience in inspiring places, the owners are making money by sharing the space they already own and may not use. It’s recycling both time and space. While this awesome startup may not be available in Austin yet, we are certainly on the look out and excited to see their growth.

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