Your New Year’s Resolution – Expressing Gratitude

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As we enter the New Year, we begin focusing on our resolutions, which likely include goals like eating healthier, spending less money, working out more, and maybe cracking a book open every once in a while. I want to challenge you to add something else to that resolution list: express more gratitude. The ROI in expressing gratitude among your co-workers is much larger than you might expect.

According to University of California Davis psychology professor Robert Emmons, expressing thanks can increase happiness levels by about 25%, but less than 10% of adults think to thank a co-worker every day.

Expressing this appreciation has many scientifically proven benefits, including improvements on physical and mental health. Studies have found that it can lead to better sleep, improved self-esteem and stronger relationships. Who wouldn’t want their team to reap these great benefits?

Some companies, like Betabrand, make expressing gratitude a priority during team meetings. Betabrand calls these expressions “props” – at the end of each weekly meeting, employees are encouraged to give props to their co-workers, and the receiving co-worker receives a small gift card as a token of appreciation for their hard work.

However, the “props” expression of gratitude is about more than just receiving free coffee or lunch. It is about co-workers and management recognizing each other’s greatness and giving each other credit where credit is due.

We should all strive to express gratitude more often in 2016 – it’s a resolution you’ll be glad you kept since the ROI speaks for itself.

How will you express gratitude within the workplace? Leave us a comment below.

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