Occupation: Christmas Light Untangler

Imagine never having to untangle your Christmas lights ever again. It’s a euphoric feeling, isn’t it? Now imagine being the person who has to untangle Christmas lights for 36 hours a week and keep a pleasant attitude while doing it. This holiday season a London company is looking for the perfect candidate to untangle lights while shoppers browse. While it’s a great perk for customers, it was the ideal candidate description that really caught our attention.

  • Have the energy and drive to be your best and exceed expectations. Who doesn’t want to be the best version of themselves? We want to work with people who want to “wow” others, as well as themselves.
  • Be friendly, enthusiastic and approachable. In our relationship-focused business, we love this one. Keeping a positive attitude makes a difference, even if it’s as trying as untangling Christmas lights.
  • Have strong communications skills. Another core trait we feel applies to all jobs, roles and situations. We are always working to improve how we can best express ourselves and understand others’ communications styles.
  • Be persistent and patient. Easier said than done, we know. There are plenty of tasks and situations in life that test our patience. Just like untangling Christmas lights though, we know it is better to embrace the discomfort, focus on the goal and get it done.

Remember these core traits the next time you come across a frustration or roadblock. Whether you’re untangling lights, or dealing with a difficult situation at the office, channel your inner detangler, put a smile on your face and untangle whatever it is in front of you. We know you have it in you.

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