{Guest Post} How to Grow a Team Without a Foosball Table


How to Grow a Team Without a Foosball Table
Using the basics to build a company culture based on who you are

Texas CEO Magazine
July 6, 2013
Author: Cole Harmonson, Far West Capital, CEO

“Companies who remain true to a strong, honest and firm assortment of core values are set up for long-term success.”

The models growing in popularity today for what an ideal work culture should look like are, for most companies, unattainable. The focus is often on frequent team happy hours, free meals, foosball tables in the middle of the workplace, and meaningless writing on the walls. Following in the path of Google and Facebook is a great goal, but copycatting their perks alone won’t necessarily make for a happy and productive team. Every company has different needs, goals and environments. The culture built for each business must be based on who they are – and no one else.

To generate a company culture that is honest, effective and long lasting, it is essential that a strong and authentic strategic stack be built to lay the foundation. Read more.


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