Entrepreneurial Spotlight: Turning Passion Into Profits

shauna martinShauna Martin, founder of Daily Greens, an Austin-based cold-pressed juicing company, was diagnosed with breast cancer almost eight years ago at the age of 33. Along with the necessary treatment and surgeries, Martin proudly beat and recovered from cancer with the help of daily juicing.

Eager to restore her health and regain her strength, the fearless mother began experimenting with a variety of recipes in hopes of making a green juice that was both healthy and enjoyable enough to drink every day.

After experiencing the life-restoring power of daily green juicing, she was determined to get a green juice into the hands of every person that she could. A successful attorney by day, she feverishly spent her free time perfecting her formulas, bottling her green juice and selling it at the local farmer’s markets.

Her innovative recipes and cold-pressing techniques paid off. Taking no shortcuts with her pure ingredients, and with nine servings of raw vegetables and fruit pressed into each Daily Greens bottle, the company has seen much success. Almost overnight, the drinks were picked up by Whole Foods, Central Market, and Natural Grocers, among several others. Her delicious green concoctions can now be found throughout Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas, with plans of going national by the end of 2013.

Martin is additionally spearheading local breast cancer awareness efforts as co-founder of the Pink Ribbon Cowgirls, a breast cancer support group for young survivors in Texas. A portion of the profits of Daily Greens will be set aside to further develop the Pink Ribbon Cowgirls organization in other cities across the country.

Because of Shauna’s determination and commitment to her mission above all else, she has truly unleashed her potential for growth. This will be a year of development and expansion for Daily Greens, with many more prosperous years to come.

What have you done to unleash your potential today?


  • Jon Page

    I certainly vote for you abilities and your passion makes you a winner.

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