How Fit is Your Company?

With the New Year quickly approaching, New Year resolutions are back to being on top of everyone’s mind. The most common resolutions for American adults include dieting, exercising and quitting smoking. Personal health and fitness is a contributor to many people’s happiness and success, therefore, striving to create a fit and healthy work environment within your team and office is of upmost importance to the overall success of a company.

There are many benefits to implementing a fitness program within your company, a few include:

  • Reducing employee stress and increasing employee morale and satisfaction
  • Lowering healthcare costs
  • Boosting productivity while working in a fun environment

You’ve heard us talk about fitness before – from the importance of wellness to our participation in the Fittest Entrepreneurs competition – and you probably know we value fitness at Far West Capital. That is why we became a sponsor for the FIT 100 Awards – a new program recognizing companies across the nation for their commitment to having a fit workplace.

Whether your company is just starting out or has been in business for several years, it is never too early or too late to implement a company fitness program. We encourage you to apply and be recognized for your long-term commitment to the fitness movement. Beyond being publicly recognized as a leader among companies, your company will be able to raise the bar on your company fitness.

To apply or nominate a company, visit the FIT 100 website.

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