Never Forget the Little League Lessons

As Major League Baseball fans from all over are gearing up for the World Series, we look at the classic American sport and appreciate it more than just a game. Baseball teaches children important life lessons that can also be applied to business life as working adults.

No “I” in Team: Collectively as a business, every employee at every level is working towards a similar goal, which is being successful. It’s important to remember that although your business might be divided into levels and departments, everyone should be working together and encouraging each other toward success. Offering and accepting help from co-workers shouldn’t be looked at as a sign of weakness, but rather as strength of good teamwork. Similarly, although it is important to acknowledge individuals for hard work, it is important to also congratulate the entire team when it does well.

Whether You Win or Lose, It’s How You Play the Game: Never forget the importance of business ethics.  Be honest and use good judgment. Don’t let the fear of failure and embarrassment cloud your thinking and lead you to making bad business decisions. The path you take to achieve success or the steps you take to deal with failure is often more important.

Have a “Can Do” Attitude: Just like in baseball, there are factors that a person cannot control. But your greatest tool is to control what you can and remain positive, even if external factors are having a negative influence. Keep in mind those little sayings the coach said as the team was down. Being upset about things you can’t control won’t get you anywhere but down. So keep your head up and your eyes on the prize because with a good attitude, you will be a happier and more efficient person.

As you enjoy watching the MLB teams battle it out for the world championship, remember the little lessons we learned in little league and apply them to your everyday business life. Baseball is a staple of American culture for a reason. It upholds many of our values about being a team player, being fair and honest and being determined to succeed. Speaking of baseball, who are you rooting to win the championship this season?

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