How Solid Teamwork Makes a Difference

One of our tenets in our “Far West Capital Five” is Team. “We contribute all we have and recognize that together we are more than we are apart.” This year, I’ve been more proud of our team than ever. With the whole team working hard in their different roles – finding deals, closing deals, underwriting, managing accounts – we are efficiently helping businesses grow through our customized financing solutions and successfully making our company better and better. It’s a rewarding and encouraging thing to see.

How do you create a solid team? Here are 4 characteristics:

1. Focus on a clear, quantifiable goal

What is the team trying to achieve this year? Getting everyone on the team focused on the goal can help each team member know what he or she can do to help reach it.

2. Effective communication

What’s working, what’s not working, and how can we better serve our clients? This is how effective communication comes into play.

3. Willingness to learn and improve

Processes and dynamics may shift and change. The team must be willing to adapt to improve the company.

4. Enthusiasm

It’s important to have team members that enjoy what they do and are passionate about the goals of the company. This enthusiasm can in turn be very clear to clients.

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What characteristics do you see in a solid team?

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