How Healthy Employees Impact Your Company

It’s easy to catch onto the fitness culture in the city of Austin; the abundance and variety of fitness classes, fitness events and general fitness opportunities are everywhere. But, that’s not the reason why Far West Capital strives to have healthy employees. Do you remember our past blog post about the value of wellness in a workplace? Not only does fitness indirectly save your company money, but we believe that better personal health equals better professional performance.

The Texas CEO Magazine also echoes these thoughts in their article about how healthy leaders shape healthy businesses. Regular fitness improves your physical, mental and emotional performance, helps you with stress management, and gives you more focus, energy and creativity.

From yoga and working out, to running (did you see our post about our own running superstar who recently ran the Leadville Trail 100?) and participating in Austin’s Fittest Entrepreneurs competition, Far West Capital has active employees and is proud to advocate fitness for a healthier and happier company. Giving flextime for employees (like we do) is a win for employees and employers and benefits both the employees and the business in the long run.

Does your company value fitness?

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