How Important Is Direct Mail?

Here at Far West Capital, we utilize direct mailers a lot. This shouldn’t be surprising considering that 79 percent of consumers will act on direct mail immediately. A few reasons we strongly believe in the impact of direct mail is because it’s targeted, measurable, tangible, personal and easily integrated. Some of you may be familiar with our most recent “Meet Claire” marketing campaign, in which direct mailers play a big role. This campaign has allowed us to explain what Far West Capital does for potential clients in a way that is easily understandable by introducing them to fictional entrepreneurs, like Claire, who are in dire need of funding. Partnered with social media and email marketing, this campaign has been extremely successful at keeping our company top-of-mind and we know that direct mail has played a huge role in that.

So why should you use direct mailers? Read on to find out.

Flexible – Direct mail can be used to educate potential clients on your business or as an invitation to events. We even use direct mailers as birthday or anniversary cards in order to show our clients how much we care, not only on a business level, but also on a personal level.

Extremely Measurable – Direct mail is one of the most measurable forms of marketing. You can easily record the number of mailers that are sent out and then in turn, record the response rate. For instance, if you send out 300 direct mailers telling potential clients about your business and receive 100 inquiries, you’ll know that your campaign received a 30% response rate.

Integrated Approach – Direct mail is a great tool when used in conjunction with other marketing tools like social media and email. Oftentimes, your target has seen your Facebook posts and read your monthly newsletter. Partner those efforts with the direct mailer you’ve sent and there is no way they will forget your brand.

Tangible and personal – Direct mailers allow you to bring your campaign to life. Personalizing direct mail is easy to do and it makes the client feel important and sought out by your company. One of the best things about direct mailers is that it can’t be trashed with the simple click of a button.

How do you utilize direct mailers for your business? Leave us a comment below.

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