Entrepreneurial Hero: James Dyson

James Dyson is a man who knows a thing or two about perseverance. The founder of the Dyson bagless vacuum cleaner spent fifteen years in his toolshed building thousands of prototypes before striking gold. To be exact, his invention failed 5,127 times before proving to be successful. Today, Dyson employs 1,500 engineers who, on only a daily basis are failing, trying, re-thinking and failing some more. And no, that isn’t considered a bad thing. The most important value in Dyson’s life and company is to never be afraid of failing. Why? Because he believes it’s an essential step in finding success and building a truly innovative solution. 

The payoff of this entrepreneur’s incredible perseverance is a multi-billion dollar corporation that is known for its ongoing creativity and innovative designs. James Dyson didn’t throw in the towel and call it a day after seeing his bagless vacuum become a household appliance worldwide. He has continued to create and improve inventions from fans and hand dryers to an automobile engine that could filter out toxins. Back in 2001, he even built a prototype for a digital headset that would allow users to use applications and check their email with the help of a virtual assistant. It hasn’t hit the market yet, but we sure look forward to when it does. Throughout his life, Dyson has become an entrepreneurial mastermind, leading engineers and scientist in creating products that could lead to a more resourceful and sustainable future for everyone.

James Dyson doesn’t stop there. In 2002, he started the James Dyson Foundation to support design and engineering education. The Foundation’s aim is to encourage young inventors to make mistakes, think differently and realize their full potential. From graduate students to second graders, James Dyson is helping the next generation become leading inventors and problem solvers – something we think is awesome. Kudos to this amazing entrepreneur and inventor.

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