How to Align Your Company for Success

At Far West Capital, we put strong emphasis on delivering what we say. We’re focused on earning trust, finding results, and helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals. We build a strong team and provide opportunities for meaningful work. With that foundation in mind, we know what our company stands for and the goals we work towards every day to help our team be successful.


To align your company for success, think about the following things.



Big Hairy Audacious Goal – From the book Built to Last, the BHAG guides how you do business. They are big, long-term, tangible, highly focused and energizing goals for the company. For example, Disney’s BHAG is to “Be the best company in the world for all fields of family entertainment.”


Core Values

What are the beliefs your company would never compromise? What beliefs are you measured against?



What is your company’s reason to strive for success? What does your company want to accomplish?



Why is your company striving to accomplish your mission? What is your company’s big picture goal?


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