Digital Marketing Lessons You Need To Learn

I spend much of my time speaking with entrepreneurs, and one of the things I’ve recently realized is that many of them are struggling to market their companies through digital channels. Digital marketing is vital to the survival of each and every business in existence from Fortune 500 companies to local startups. Here are three lessons on digital marketing that every entrepreneur should learn: 

  1. Web Search Is Important – When searching the Internet for information on your company, you want it to be quickly and easily spotted. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what positions your company’s website to rank for relevant search terms. For instance, when a person types into Google, “finance factoring Austin” one of the first results is Far West Capital. Our company has high rankings and this isn’t due to luck. There is a ton of strategy, technique and tactics that have been implemented by our marketing team in order to maintain our high-ranking in search results.
  1. Go Mobile – According to this article, 80% of Internet users own a smart phone and use it to search the Internet. Mobile devices are no longer an extension of the computer – now people are using their smart phones to do pretty much everything their computer does. So what does this mean for you? If you haven’t yet, it’s time to make your website mobile-friendly. If needed, you also might want to consider having an app developed for your business. Mobile shouldn’t be an add-on to your campaign; it needs to be utilized throughout your entire marketing strategy. 
  1. Invest In Social Media – Entrepreneurs without much marketing experience        often have unrealistic expectations for social media. They think that every update they post should instantly go viral. This is definitely not the case. With more and more companies joining social networks each day, the organic reach has drastically dropped. This means that tactics are needed to curate engaging content and design compelling images that will entice people to your brand. Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook each have impressive advertising options to get more eyes on you products or services.

How are you investing in digital marketing? Leave us a comment below.

  • Dani Rachadian

    In this present, I guess a digital marketing become a basic need to develop brand awarness in the people. In digital era, the user of digital gadget is increasing rapidly. So to reach a people mind needs a interactive content which can caching eyes of people.

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