Improve Your Memory

Our brains are powerful organs, but with a continuous influx of information and many distractions, our memories often get overloaded. There are ways to improve our memories and here are some tips we found that can prevent you from giving the “I’m so bad with names” excuse.


You’re more likely to remember what you’re reading, hearing, and seeing if you focus on it. That means no multi-tasking! Do you remember a time when a colleague came into your office to tell you something while you were typing an email and when he/she walked out you realized you didn’t really hear what was said? It’s like talking to a kid playing a video game or watching a movie. Direct your full focus on what’s going on.


The act of writing down what you need to remember can help you also. If it doesn’t, you’ve got it on paper!


Create an association with what you are trying to remember. For example, if you’ve just met a woman named Allison and she’s wearing green glasses, think Allison Alligator. If you’re trying to remember a street name, put it in a phrase or sentence. Songs are also helpful tools.


A news article recommends these tips:

  • Change your font
  • Learn ballroom dancing
  • Switch hands
  • Take breaks
  • Write by hand
  • Play a computer game
  • Distract yourself
  • Meditate mindfully
  • Read out loud


What are some ways you remember important facts?

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