{Feature} Who’s got your back?

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Who’s got your back?

CBS Money Watch
Author: Rich Russakoff

January 10, 2013

“I saw that people had potential beyond what they saw themselves, and I began to want to help them realize that potential.”

Far West sees themselves as that second set of eyes, evaluating whether your financial team is as top-notch as it needs to be. They drive the relationship from the perspective of the entrepreneur based on his or her goals and aspirations. They also encourage you to look at what you need to do to protect your personal net worth. They ask questions to find out what’s important to you as the business owner, like “Do you want to grow or sell?” or “Do you want to grow to pass it on?” or “Do you want to grow to diversify assets?”

To summarize, Harmonson’s rules for accounts receivable management are…Read more.


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