There will come a time when wearing all the hats in the company isn’t possible, and that is a great thing! It means letting go of control and hiring talented team members that can help grow the company. How do you make the hiring process efficient and hire the best employees? Here are some tips.

Ask for Referrals

Dig into your network and ask for recommendations.  This saves time because the potential hire has passed certain tests already by being a referral. Make sure to share a clear job description so candidates meet certain criteria when they are sent your way.



Is this person qualified for the job? Look at the potential hire’s past experience, ask about his/her knowledge and analyze his/her potential. Talk about past projects, work situations, and the best/worst career experiences. Explain your desired outcomes and expectations of the job.


Culture Fit

How will you and your team get along with this person? Talk about schedule preferences, ideal work environments, and communication styles. Find out hobbies, passions, values and life goals. These give a glimpse into their personality and character.


What do you look for when hiring?


Want more tips? Check out the best-selling book Who by Geoff Smart and Randy Street.


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