Improving Company Culture

A few months ago, we took a look at the inspiring company culture of Southwest Airlines after hearing Herb Kelleher speak at an EO Austin event. At Far West Capital, we’ve built a company culture we’ve proud of and that our employees enjoy.

It’s important to us to create and maintain a workplace that is as productive, team-centric and fun as possible. How can you improve company culture? Here are a few ideas.


1. Listen to your team

Create an environment open to hearing ideas and learning from each other. This helps create a collaborative and encouraging team.


2. Cater food

Our office caters breakfast and lunch a few times a week and it helps employee morale and fuels them to continue their great work.


3. Allow flexible time off

We know everyone needs time away to re-charge and re-focus. Events, such as family gatherings, school activities, or just a need to take a break come up and it’s important for employees to feel empowered to manage their priorities. We believe providing flexibility makes our employees more productive and much happier in the workplace.


What perks or special benefits do you provide to improve company culture?

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