Is Face Reading Legitimate?

You may remember I blogged about face reading in January. Did you look into it? By the look on your face, I think the answer is yes.

I recently read a blog post on the New Orleans CityBusiness website about face reading. It mentions the article Brian Center, Far West Capital’s COO, wrote called “Face Reading – the Sixth “C” to Credit Analysis”. While the post is slightly doubtful about face reading, reading the book, Amazing Face Reading or even better, seeing a live presentation may just show you its authenticity. Of course, face reading is not always exact, when it is and you can tell a lot about a person, the correlations are fascinating.

Take a look at this CNN video about face reading (that features Amazing Face Reading author Mac Fulfer) and see what you think.

Do you have any stories about how it has worked for you? Or have questions about how it works? Contact us!

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