Walking the Talk

I read a quote in an Inc.com article the other day that has resonated in my head.

“Our guiding principle has always been that we would never sell anything we wouldn’t eat ourselves.”
– Jessica Applestone, co-founder of Fleisher’s butcher shop, which specializes in grass-fed, organic meats

For a butcher shop, that principle is a clear picture of what they represent and what their business is about, especially in a time of exposing mystery meats and where they come from.

  1. They value their customers and offer a high-quality product to them.
  2. They have a clear focus on what their business stands for: ethical and sustainable processes.
  3. They have a clear goal as their business moves forward: providing the best meat.
  4. They believe in their product and their benefit to customers: they eat the meat they sell.

Would you eat the meat your company sells, or said in a less carnivorous way, are you an advocate of your company’s products and services? Why or why not?

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