Is your life satisfying or fulfilling?

Although most people live a satisfying life, it is not necessarily a fulfilled one.

A satisfied life focuses on meeting the expectations, needs or desires, while a fulfilling life focuses on going a step further and gaining satisfaction by developing one’s abilities or character. Many times in our lives, we look to meaningless, addictive and short-term-satisfying things to make our life feel fulfilled. A lot of these things are related to a search for money, power or pleasure and though satisfying, the enjoyment dies out after a while. We also tend to pursue pleasures and success for the wrong reasons. It is human nature to be self-centered, but our pursuit of happiness and desire to obtain things and feelings are detrimental to having a fulfilling life.

So, how do you turn your life into a fulfilling one? It is actually all about perspective. We’ll explore this subject more on this blog in the next couple of weeks, but to start, think about this question: When you look back on your life in the future, what do you want to see and how do you want to feel?

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